Quick Fix: Turn a Bag Into a Pillow

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Upcycled Bag Into Pillow

One of my side hustles is selling refinished and upcycled furniture & decor at a local vendor mall. Since we live in Florida, the mother of all tourist states, I sell a lot of beachy condo decor. When I saw this burlap shell bag at an estate sale, I knew it would be a quick fix to turn it into a pillow.

I cut off the bag handles (you know I saved them b/c one day they might just come in handy), added stuffing, and sewed the open side shut.

It was quick & easy to make and quick & easy to sell!

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FREEBIE: Cookie Order Form

We are Girl Scout cookie fiends at my house! Luckily we have friends & family with daughters who supply us with much needed cookie sustenance. This year, one of my friends asked me to create a cookie order form for her daughter to use when passing out pre-ordered cookies. Well, since I love how it turned out & since I think Girl Scouts is one of the greatest programs EVAH, I decided to offer it as a FREE printable.

***These fit 4 to a page. When printing, be sure to check your settings. You want to print this “Actual Size” – make sure “Fit to Page” is not checked.*** 

Click here for the FREE printable. (and no worries – the free printable isn’t watermarked with my delightful One Crafty Bitch logo)



Valentine’s Day Sale!

One of the many ways we fund our home renovations (and, ya know, buy groceries) is selling stuffs. I love Craigslist and Ebay and Etsy and Facebook sales groups and vendor markets and craft shows and basically anywhere/any way you can sell goods, I’m all about it! One of my favorite things to sell (and let’s be honest, to buy as well) is vintage items. Right now, I’m running a Valentine’s Day Sale in my etsy shop.


All vintage jewelry in the shop is 10% off – this sale runs through February 8. Click here to check it out.

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Jack Daniels Chair

Hey all! Meet chair:

Chair is dangerous. Note the lack of back support across the middle of the back of the chair. Many small children have sat in this chair, leaned back, and fallen through. One day we’ll deal with this safety hazard, but for now, let’s make it pretty.


I’ve always wanted to recover the cushion but I was waiting for something to inspire me and then VOILA! I found this Jack Daniels apron at an estate sale. My husband LOVES Jack Daniels (I’m more of a Canadian Club gal but we make it work) so it seemed perfect for our décor, which will apparently now have a whiskey theme. I’m okay with that.

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Home Renovation

That 70s House

When my husband and I decided to move our family to Florida, we knew we wanted a fixer upper. We thought it would be fun…so young, so dumb. I’m kidding…mostly. We came across this beast, put in an offer, and got DENIED by the seller.

We moved on and tried to buy a run down little short sale on the other side of town. When the seller’s bank shot that down, we came back to this thing. TBH, we didn’t love it at first. It’s weird and quirky and not mid century enough to be cool, yet not modern enough to have open concept, functional living spaces. But it had the land we were looking for and it had lots of space for our boys to run around so we tried again and picked it up in round 2.


So here we are, in our big ass house that no one wanted. It’s got mint condition 1970’s formica counter tops, complete with a blue sink!

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